We'll be holding optional workshops to help participants develop skills they can use in their projects! Our schedule will be posted here once it is finalized. Please check back frequently for updates, as event dates and times are subject to change.

Swag Redemption:

We will link a form here, which you should fill out upon submitting to Devpost to redeem a free sticker pack and/or shirt from Steel City Hacks! Note that submissions only open 5/12.

Contact Us & Support Channels

Use this link to access our Discord server to connect with teammates, ask questions, and communicate with Steel City Hacks organizers.

Tools and Technologies

We're proud to be sponsored by echo3D, a cloud platform for 3D asset management that provides tools and cloud infrastructure to help developers quickly build and deploy 3D/AR/VR games, apps, and content. For 1-month FREE access to echo3D's Premium plan of the echo3D platform ($89 value), register at this link.

For any questions related to echo3D products, see our Discord channel #echo-3d-support or:


Slack support channel:


Workshop recording:


Stumped on coming up with ideas? Here is a list of potential project ideas for participants, courtesy of Aayush Gupta from MIT! These ideas are totally valid for use for any of our events--just be sure to credit Aayush with the initial inspiration, and expand significantly on these small prompts.

Check out these resources (courtesy of HackMIT) for help with participating in hackathons, programming, and working on more advanced topics!

If you wish to submit supplemental documents along with your video presentation to give judges some text information to work with, refer to this document template for inspiration! Note that this step is entirely optional.