Our hackathon is only open to middle and high school students (grades 6-12, ages 13-18). International participants are welcome to participate, but please be aware that due to difficulties in international shipping and handling, some prizes will be unavailable for competitors outside the contiguous United States.

Teams are fully permitted at Steel City Hacks! Teams must be set up using Devpost's built-in team system: read more about that here. Teams are limited to a maximum of 4 members.


Please respect the integrity of our event by maintaining typical hackathon standards for code originality. Please abide by the following rules to keep our hackathon fair:

  • Do not develop any part of your project prior to the event kickoff ceremony. Do not reuse any elements of projects submitted to previous hackathons. This includes graphics, any supplemental resources, and of course, code.

    • You may cross-post submissions (submitting a project to multiple hackathons at once) for this event, but ensure that the code for your project was only developed during the event timeline.

  • Ensure your code is original.

    • We understand the special place Stack Overflow holds in all developers' hearts. Please ensure that the code you write is entirely your own by refraining from copy-pasting open-source software.

    • Consulting resources such as friends, books, or the internet is fully allowed. Be sure to credit any resources in your code and presentation!


  • Please behave appropriately. Any form of harassment, spam, bullying, or discrimination toward Steel City Hacks volunteers or competitors will result in your immediate removal from the competition.

  • If something or someone participating in our event is making you uncomfortable, please reach out to a hackathon manager.


  • Members of the Steel City Hacks planning committee reserve the right to move projects to different divisions for consideration. 

    • Members also reserve the right to disqualify projects if found in violation of one of our rules. 

  • Any project submitted to the Ideathon with written code (interfaces like Scratch are exceptions) will automatically be moved to the hackathon.

    • Any project submitted to the Hackathon without code will automatically be disqualified. 

  • Registration tiers do not bar you from attending any workshops–we encourage attendance from all ages